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Citrine - a sunbeam stone that brings joy and energy, creating a warm atmosphere of optimism in our lives.
Zodiac: Libra, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, Aries

1. root Muladhara, 2. sacrum, sacral, 3. solar plexus Manipuru[, 4. heart (Heart) Anahata, 7. crown (Crown) Sahasrara

Energy: Protective, Healing, Happiness, Money, Projective Yang (gives energy, activates), Enterprising Yin (takes energy)

WHY? Citrine is the perfect stone to recharge yourself with positive energy and joie de vivre, as we are exposed to stress and negative emotions on a daily basis. Citrine energy is like a powerful antidote that allows us to forget the worries of the past and focus on the positive future. It gives us the strength and determination to make changes in the face of adversity with confidence.

HOW? Citrine energy is like sparkling rays of sunshine that penetrate our hearts and souls, making us feel happy and optimistic. Use Citrine in meditation to expand your self-awareness and release the limitations that often make us doubt our abilities. It promotes the ability to realize your ideas and achieve your goals with energy and determination.

WHERE? Place Citrine at the solar plexus to increase self-confidence and creative abilities. This source of energy allows us to focus on positive beliefs and a creative way of thinking. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to recharge yourself with joy and positivity, promoting positive change and adopting an optimistic outlook on life.

Citrine - as a carrier of the sun's rays, it is an energizer and a joy of life stone that creates strong waves of positive energy, allowing us to feel motivated and joyful.

If you receive Citrine as a gift, it will bring sunshine and optimistic energy into your life, acting as a powerful source of support and inspiration.

Citrine helps:

  • for people who are looking for joy in life and energy, getting rid of negative influences and discovering a positive feeling in themselves.
  • for people who want to increase self-confidence and stamina to achieve their goals and create a better future.
  • for those who meditate and try to focus on creativity, increasing their strength and determination to create positive changes in their lives.
  • for people who suffer from pessimism and negative thinking. Citrine is like a energizer of the sun's rays, helping to charge us with positive and empowering energy, allowing us to look forward with purpose and optimism.

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