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Smoky Quartz

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Smoky quartz - a powerful and peaceful meditation stone that opens the door to the world of inner harmony and energy balance.
Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra

1. root Muladhara, 2nd sacral, sacral, 3rd solar plexus Manipuru

Energy: Healing, Money, Projective Yang (releases energy, activates), Ability, Enterprising Yin (receives energy)

WHY? Smoky Quartz is a valuable stone because of its ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, thus promoting our emotional balance and peace. Its energy gives us security, allowing us to get rid of tension and take in the healing clarity.

HOW? When using Smoky Quartz in meditations, we feel the release of energy that helps us get rid of past pain and find peace. It becomes an auxiliary substance that stabilizes our energy and harmonizes the emotional level.

WHERE? Place Smoky Quartz near the heart to experience deep peace and promote heart-soul balance. It is an excellent tool for meditations and rituals where we want to gain openness and harmony in our energy. Smoky quartz is like an energetic peace seeker that leads us towards harmony and peace.

Smoky Quartz - a source of deep protection and energetic balance, offering safety and stability on our inner world journey.

If you receive Smoky Quartz as a gift, it will be like a reliable companion that will take care of your safety and emotional balance.

Smoky quartz helps:

  • for people looking for peace and security, getting rid of negative influences and aligning their energy with harmony.
  • for people who want to release the tension of the past and find the peace that comes with healing clarity.
  • for those who meditate and try to find peace and balance, which will energetically renew themselves.
  • for people who are looking for openness and harmony in their energy to achieve emotional peace and heart harmony. Smoky quartz is like a safe guide that protects against negative influences and leads towards harmony and peace.

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