Kalnu kristāls

Mountain crystal

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Rock crystal is a powerful and universal meditation stone that offers support, energy and healing properties to the modern man.

Star sign: all                             

4. heart (Heart) Anahata, 6. third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu, 7. crown (Crown) Sahasrara, Activates all

 Energy: Healing, Magical, Projective Yang (releases energy, activates), Ability, Enterprising Yin (receives energy)


WHY? Rock crystal is a versatile stone that adapts to all situations in life. It brings us support, energy and peace, helping us to free ourselves from negative influences and find our own path to healing and spiritual development. Rock crystal is known for its ability to clearly see the truth and know oneself.

HOW TO? When using Rock Crystal in meditation, we receive its powerful energy that supports our spiritual growth and brings us peace. It helps to get rid of emotional blocks and discover new paths to wholeness and understanding.

WHERE? Place the Mountain Crystal next to you to feel its energy and open your heart and mind. It can also be used in rituals and spaces for its healing aura to clear the energetic environment and promote clarity.

Rock crystal - a universal stone that gives us support and energy, helping us to develop and understand ourselves.

If you receive a Mountain Crystal as a gift, it will serve as a valuable talisman, giving us strength and peace on our path to spiritual development.

Rock crystal helps:

  • for all zodiac signs - it provides unlimited opportunities to influence our path to spiritual development.
  • for those looking for support and energy in getting rid of negative influences and emotional blocks.
  • for those who want to find peace and clarity in their lives, achieving spiritual balance and improvement.
  • for those who want to purify the energy environment and promote clarity and peace in the premises. Rock crystal is like a powerful source of energy that makes our life easier and gives us the opportunity to develop and understand ourselves. It can be received as a precious gift that will give us strength and peace on the way to spiritual development. Rock crystal is suitable for everyone who is looking for support, energy and harmony in their life. Its powerful energy will help us release negative influences and emotional blocks, thus easing our path to clarity and emotional balance. It is a stone that will promote our spiritual growth and help us understand the truth about ourselves and our lives. Bring the Rock Crystal energy into your life immediately and enjoy its healing and liberating properties!

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