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Opal - a magical meditation stone that brings strength and creativity into our lives.

Star sign: Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer

The dependence of all chakras on color

 Energy: Projective Jan (releases energy, activates)


WHY? Opal is like an exquisite diamond that delights our souls and opens the way to a world of creativity and emotional balance. It helps to change lives with the help of its power and inspiration, open new perspectives and focus on prosperity and peace.

HOW TO? By meditating with Opal, we reach a magical and glorious power that fills our souls and allows us to free ourselves from limitations. It is like an artificial miracle that invites us to express ourselves as creative and unique personalities.

WHERE? Place Opal at the sacral chakra to stimulate creativity and emotional balance. It can be used in meditations, rituals or simply worn as a home or work talisman that fills the environment with magical and harmonizing energy.

Opal - a stone of exquisite beauty and creativity that changes our lives and delights our souls.

If you receive an Opal as a gift, it will bring magical and magical energy into your life, making it a unique and inspiring companion.

Opal helps:

for people who want to develop their creativity and inspiration, discovering new ideas and creative power.
for people who are looking for emotional balance and harmony in their lives, promoting peace and harmony.
for those meditating and trying to find their own power and inspiration to change lives and focus on prosperity.
for people who need renewed energy of sexuality and joy of life. Opal is like a healer, reviving our life energy and inviting us to express ourselves as our beloved and unique selves. It is the path to a magical and glorious life full of inspiration and power.


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