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Rose quartz - a stone of love and emotional harmony, which helps to get rid of negative energy and focus on promoting love and goodness.
Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Taurus, Aries

4. heart (Heart) Anahata

Energy: Love, Enterprising Yin (takes energy)

WHY? Rose quartz serves as a reliable stone of love and emotional support. Its soft energy helps us release negative influences and focus on expressing and receiving love. It brings radiant peace and softness to the heart, promoting emotional balance.

HOW? By using Rose Quartz in meditation, we will be able to open our heart to love and goodness. It will help us to heal emotional wounds and restore the harmony of the heart. By meditating with Rose Quartz, we are more receptive and receptive to love to express to ourselves and others.

WHERE? Place Rose Quartz near the heart to open the flow of love and harmony. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to bring peace, love and emotional harmony.

Rose quartz - a source of love and emotional harmony, which gives us love, warmth and harmony in life.

If you receive Rose Quartz as a gift, it will bring love, emotional balance and harmony into your life. It will be like a mother's hand that embraces and gives love, security and warmth.

Rose quartz helps:

  • for people seeking love and emotional healing by clearing the heart of negative energy and focusing on expressing and receiving love.
  • for those who want to restore emotional balance and harmony with their inner being.
  • for people who need emotional support and a feeling of warmth to heal the wounds of the heart and restore the heart with love.
  • for people who strive to express love and care for themselves and others, promoting a heart full of love and the art of caring for others. Rose quartz is the perfect stone to get rid of negative energy and focus on promoting love and emotional harmony in your life.

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