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Sodalite - a powerful stone for meditation and spiritual practices that brings peace and inspiration.
Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo, Cancer
Chakras: 5. neck (Throat) Vishudhu, 6th third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu

Energy: Healing, Happiness, Ability, Enterprising Yin (takes energy)

WHY? Sodalit is a special meditation assistant that inspires and comforts our inner world. Its energy allows us to better understand ourselves and our inner voice, promoting clear and open communication with ourselves and others. It helps us connect the physical and spiritual worlds, revealing our true abilities and potential.

HOW? By meditating with Sodalita, we gain deep peace and inspiration that paves the way for new understanding and self-expression. It helps us develop our intuitive mind and spiritual awareness, facilitating access to higher dimensions and receiving wisdom from spirit guides.

WHERE? Place Sodalita around the neck to enhance clear communication and open self-expression. It can be used in meditations, rituals or simply worn close to your energy center to receive inspiration and peace from the spiritual world.

Sodalite - a source of peace and inspiration that harmonizes our spiritual nature and facilitates access to higher wisdom.

If you receive Sodalita as a gift, it will bring peace and inspiration into your life, becoming a reliable companion on your spiritual journey.

Sodalite helps:

  • for meditating people to get inspiration and peace from the spiritual world and release inner tensions.
  • for people who want to improve clear and open communication in order to freely express their thoughts and emotions.
  • for those seeking wisdom and a sense of peace that allows us to connect our physical and spiritual being.
  • for people who want to find their true voice and listen to their inner wisdom. Sodalit is like an artificial bridge that connects us with the spiritual dimension and creates deep harmony and peace in our souls.

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