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Unakite - a powerful and protective meditation stone that provides a solid foundation and sense of peace.
Zodiac: Scorpio

3rd solar plexus Manipuru, 4th heart (Heart) Anahata, 6th third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu

Energy: Projective Jan (releases energy, activates), Ability

WHY? Unakite is like an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of life, providing us with a strong foundation and protection. Its strong energy helps us maintain a clear mind and emotional balance, even in the most difficult situations of life. Unakite is known for its ability to charge us with positive energy and create harmony in our inner world.

HOW? By meditating with Unakite, we gain its stabilizing and protective energy, which helps us find a sense of peace and emotional balance. Unakite energy promotes protection and love, giving us a sense of security and charging us with positive energy.

WHERE? Place Unakite at the sacral and heart chakras to recharge and stabilize energy. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to receive protection and peace. Unakite is like a strong foundation that allows us to stand firmly and securely, protecting us from negative influences and supporting harmony in our lives.

Unakite - a protective and loving stone of peace that provides a solid foundation and peace in all areas of life.

If you receive an Unakite as a gift, it will bring protection and peace into your life, making it a valuable talisman and source of peace.

Unakits helps:

  • for people looking for protection and stability to overcome life's challenges.
  • for people who want to find peace and emotional balance, getting rid of stress and negative influences.
  • for those who meditate and seek to receive protection and peace from spirit guides and cosmic energy.
  • for people who are looking for harmony in their relationships and create an emotional connection with themselves and those around them. Unakite is like a powerful talisman that brings protection and love into our lives, promoting harmony and emotional balance. It is a reliable source of peace and tranquility that helps us find a solid foundation and emotional stability in the hustle and bustle of life.

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