Amethyst is a violet crystal known for its beneficial and protective properties. It is said to enhance intuition, clarity and spiritual awareness.


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Pocket size crystal AMETHYST
Sale price€1,50
Amethyst shard "UNDERSTANDING"
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Amethyst Druze "DEFENSE AND PEACE"
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Amethyst shard "DEEP PEACE"
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Ametista rokassprādze ar lavandu kvarcuAmetista rokassprādze ar lavandu kvarcu
Amethyst bracelet with lavender quartz
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Dabīgas formas Ametista akmeņu rokassprādzeDabīgas formas Ametista akmeņu rokassprādze
Natural shape Amethyst stone bracelet
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Pocket crystal DREAM AMETHYST
Sale priceFrom €1,50
7 Chakra Stone of Peace
Sale price€17,00
Amethyst Peace Crystal
Sale price€11,00
Amethyst geode "HEART"
Sale priceFrom €90,00
Crystal Yoni Egg | Different types
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Amethyst necklaceAmethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace
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Ametista kaklarota "AIZSARDZĪBA"Ametista kaklarota "AIZSARDZĪBA"
Amethyst necklace "PROTECTION"
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Dream Ametista tornis
Sale priceFrom €18,00
Ametista un Ahāta tornis
Sale priceFrom €69,00
Rune stone set - "AMETHIST"
Sale price€38,00