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Palo Santo sticks
Sale priceFrom €1,50
Incense cones | Orange & Cinnamon
Sale priceFrom €5,00
Incense cones | Peach & Mango
Sale priceFrom €5,00
A pinch of Himalayan salt | For crystal purification
Sale priceFrom €2,00
Set of 10 selenite sticks
Sale price€20,00
Selenite crystal "HEART"
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Selenite 7 Chakra Wand
Sale price€24,00
Violeta aromalampa | The Power of Crystals
Sale price€15,00
Blue aroma lamp | Seated Buddha
Sale price€16,00
Selenite candlestick | Heart
Sale price€22,00
Selenite candlestick | Iceberg
Sale price€25,00
Selenite candlestick | Hamsa Roka
Sale price€22,00
Selenite Swirling Wand
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Selenite candlestick | Cylinder
Sale price€60,00
Mustard colored aroma lamp
Sale price€13,00
Incense cones | Strawberry
Sale priceFrom €5,00
Selenite candlestick | Small cylinder
Sale price€30,00
Selenite Swirling Wand | Two-sided
Sale price€18,00
Blue aroma lamp | A year
Sale price€13,00
Gray aroma lamp | Buda
Sale price€15,00
Incense cones | Sandalwood
Sale priceFrom €5,00
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Kristālu statīvs no koka, 25cmKristālu statīvs no koka, 25cm
Wooden crystal stand, 25cm
Sale price€12,00
Wooden crystal stand, 15cm
Sale price€9,00
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Balta aromlampa | Sēdošs BudaBalta aromlampa | Sēdošs Buda
White aroma lamp | Seated Buddha
Sale price€12,00 Regular price€16,00