Kalnu kristāls (Kvarcs)

Rock Crystal (Quartz)

Rock crystal (quartz) is a natural mineral known for its high vibrational energy and ability to amplify intentions. It is used in meditation, technology and healing practices.


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Crystal Pendulums DIFFERENT TYPES
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Rock crystal shard "POWER"
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Glass bottle with Crystals for charging water
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Polished rock crystal wand
Sale price€2,00
3 Rock crystal shards "ENERGY"
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Half of a quartz geode
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Pocket size VOLCANIC GLASS pebble
Sale price€3,00
Rock Crystal Peace Stone
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Kalnu kristāla tornis
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Crystal Yoni Egg | Different types
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Kalnu kristāla kaklarotaKalnu kristāla kaklarota
Rock crystal necklace
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Turmalīns kvarcā tornis 98-101g
Turmalīns kvarcā tornis 98-101g
Sale price€12,00
Runic stone set - "MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL"
Sale price€38,00
Meditation set "SOUL PURITY" | ON SALE!
Sale price€69,00