Selenite crystal is a transparent gypsum mineral known for its powerful energy clearing properties. It is said to promote clarity and peace.


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Set of 10 selenite sticks
Sale price€20,00
Selenite crystal "HEART"
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Selenite 7 Chakra Wand
Sale price€24,00
Selenite tower 10 cm
Sale price€14,00
Selenite candlestick | Heart
Sale price€22,00
Selenite candlestick | Iceberg
Sale price€25,00
Selenite candlestick | Cylinder
Sale priceFrom €45,00
Selenite candlestick | Hamsa Roka
Sale price€22,00
Selenite Swirling Wand | Two-sided
Sale price€18,00
Selenite Swirling Wand
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Selenite candlestick | Small cylinder
Sale priceFrom €30,00