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Garnet - a sparkling and energetic meditation stone that embodies strength, joy of life and purposefulness.

Star sign: Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Leo

1. root Muladhara, 2nd sacrum, sacral, 4th heart (Heart) Anahata, 7th crown (Crown) Sahasrara

 Energy: Healing, Happiness, Love, Money, Projective Jan (releases energy, activates)


WHY? Garnet is like an artificial fire wolf in our heart, which burns the energy of life and inspires us to move forward. Its strong and sparkling energy gives us the courage and determination to achieve our goals and do what we set out to do.

HOW TO? Garnet can be used as a powerful aid to meditation to receive energy and inspiration that supports our efforts and balances our inner world. Its sparkling aura promotes zest for life and self-confidence, allowing us to find the strength and confidence to achieve our goals.

WHERE? Place Garnet near the sacral chakra to increase life energy and motivation. Its powerful energy will stimulate our roots, providing stabilization and connection to reality. Garnet is like a key that will unlock our inner potential and strength.

Pomegranate - a source of strength and energy that promotes joy in life and purposefulness, giving us the strength to achieve our goals and find joy in life.

If you receive a Garnet as a gift, it will bring joy and energy into your life, becoming an encouraging and powerful companion.

Pomegranate helps:

  • for people who are looking for energy and strength to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.
  • for those who want to increase self-confidence and balance in their lives to act with courage and determination.
  • for people who want to restore their joy in life, to feel joy in everyday life.
  • for those trying to connect their inner energy with the outer world to achieve harmony and balance in their lives. Garnet is like an explosion of energy that reveals our inner strength, zest for life and purpose. It gives us strength and encouragement towards new challenging opportunities.

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