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Chalcedony mineral with colorful banding patterns used for grounding and stability in crystal healing.



Amazonite is a green-blue mineral known for its soothing and calming energy. It promotes communication, self-expression and emotional balance.



Amethyst is a violet crystal known for its beneficial and protective properties. It is said to enhance intuition, clarity and spiritual awareness.



Astrophyllite is a great companion for astral travel as it acts as both a guide and a protector. Astrophyllite helps us follow our true goals in life as well as confront our darkest fears by activating everyone's inner light.



Discover the peaceful energy of Celestine crystals. Use their calming and spiritual properties to find inner peace



Citrine crystal is a yellowish-orange mineral known as the "stone of abundance". It is believed to attract wealth, success and positivity.

Rozā kvarcs

Pink quartz

Rose quartz crystal is prized for its pale pink color, which is as beautiful as it is rare. One look at this mesmerizing pink stone and you will understand why it symbolizes unconditional love. And not just romantic love - universal love.



Fluorite is a colorful mineral that enhances focus and intuition. Its calming energy promotes emotional balance and spiritual growth.



Pomegranate increases the body's resistance, increases energy levels. Garnet is also a stone of love and trust, bringing warmth, affection, understanding, trust, sincerity and honesty to relationships. It helps to solve problems of a sexual nature.

Himalaja sāls

Himalayan salt

Traditionally, the strengths of pink salt are the cleansing of the body from slags, relaxation of muscle tissue, improvement of lymph and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory effects.



A particularly calming stone that is used to relieve all kinds of stress. Good for insomnia caused by an overactive mind. Placed in a pocket, it absorbs personal anger, or the anger of others directed at you. It is believed to protect against unwanted, phantoms.

Kalnu kristāls (Kvarcs)

Rock Crystal (Quartz)

Rock crystal (quartz) is a natural mineral known for its high vibrational energy and ability to amplify intentions. It is used in meditation, technology and healing practices.



Labradorite is a stunning mineral with iridescent colors that enhance intuition, imagination and creativity. It promotes spiritual growth and protection.

Lavas akmens

Lava stone

Lava stone itself is light, porous, and so is its energy. It's gently grounding, its effectwon't knock the corks into the field as can happen with more active crystals. But the most interesting thing is that this stone is as if created for the user to play with it, because it absorbs well and retains the aroma of essential oils.



Lapis lazuli is a blue crystal that promotes truth, wisdom and self-awareness. It improves intuition, communication and spiritual growth.



Malachite is a copper mineral with green bands. It is a powerful healing stone that promotes transformation, growth and protection.



Moonstone is an iridescent mineral known for its association with the moon and feminine energy. It improves intuition, emotional balance and creativity.



Formed from rapid cooling, volcanic glass is used for protection and emotional healing, known for its smooth and shiny surface.



Onyx is a protective grounding stone that helps you gain inner strength and stability while absorbing negative energy and promoting mental clarity.



Opalite is a synthetic opal, they are stones with a very subtle vibration that stimulates originality and creative potential. In the psychological plate, it reinforces the characteristic features and transforms them. By increasing self-esteem, opal helps you realize your potential. Opal provides lightness and relaxation, promotes interest in art.

Saules akmens

Sun stone

Sunstone is a shimmering feldspar that reflects light like the sun. It is known for enhancing creativity, leadership and vitality.



 This stone stimulates the activity of the pineal gland and the third eye, deepening meditation. Sodalit forces you to be truthful, while at the same time allowing you to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Sodalit stimulates trust and friendly relations in the team. Promotes rational thinking, objectivity, improves the ability to express emotions in words. 


Red Jasper

A nourishing stone that promotes stability and peace with grounding energies and earth tones.



Turquoise promotes verbal and written communication and the expression of true feelings. As a balancing stone, turquoise is an invaluable stabilizer of fluctuating moods and calms the nerves. Turquoise helps us feel connected to the earth when doing spiritual work. It is also a powerful restorer of the entire human body. 


Tiger eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal offers powerful protection and grounding energy with its mesmerizing chatter. It improves focus, intuition and decision-making.



Tourmaline - guardian of balance and vitality. This protective crystal not only protects against negativity, but also promotes emotional balance. Improves your visualization skills and gives you courage. Allow tourmaline to free you from complacency and ego, guiding you in the direction of a harmonious life.



Unakit phas a grounding effect. A good protective stone. Balances emotions and improves visualization skills. Unakits frees from excessive self-pity and overemphasis of one's own importance.



Jade is a peaceful, green crystal that is considered a symbol of harmony and balance. It promotes emotional well-being, wisdom and well-being.



Carnelian is a warm orange crystal that is believed to be a source of vitality and creativity. It strengthens courage, self-confidence and strong personal expression.

Questions about crystals

In the field of holistic wellness and spiritual practice, several crystals are known for their protective properties. Among them, Black Tourmaline stands out for its strong grounding effect and ability to protect against negative energies. Amethyst, with its peaceful violet hues, is also valued as a crystal that creates a protective barrier while promoting mental clarity and peace . A striking black stone, Obsidian is said to absorb and transmute negative vibrations, providing protection to the wearer. Finally, Nephrite, known for its calming green nature, is associated with a protective energy that promotes harmony and balance in human life.

In the fascinating world of crystals, certain stones are prized for their ability to attract happiness and positive energy. Among the most sought-after lucky charms are:

Green Aventurine: Often referred to as the "stone of opportunity", it is popular for its ability to promote prosperity and bring good luck with money.

Citrine: Known as the "stone of luck", it radiates a vibrant energy believed to promote prosperity, success and abundance in various aspects of life.

Jade: In many cultures, jade has been valued for centuries as synonymous with calmness, wisdom and prosperity, making it a popular choice for those who seek good fortune.

Tiger's Eye: Its mesmerizing appearance is believed to provide protection while attracting luck and promoting the ability to see opportunities.

Pyrite: This shimmering, gold-like stone is often associated with wealth and abundance, earning it the nickname "fool's gold" because it is known to attract prosperity.

Garnet: A crystal revered for its ability to inspire love, passion and success, suitable for those who want to improve their personal achievements and relationships.

Turquoise: Known for its protective and healing properties, but also considered a bringer of good luck and a symbol of hope.

Discover the power of these lucky crystals in our extensive collection, each hand-selected to fuel your path to prosperity and success. Check out our collection here and find the perfect crystal to bring a touch of luck into your life.

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