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Beauty and health are one of the foundations of a successful everyday life! 

In this section you will find handmade jewelry, massage rollers, gua sha, water bottles and other products related to women's health and beauty.


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Veiksmes rokassprādze "ČETRLAPU ĀBOLIŅŠ"Veiksmes rokassprādze "ČETRLAPU ĀBOLIŅŠ"
Veiksmes rokassprādze "ČETRLAPU ĀBOLIŅŠ"
Sale price€4,80 Regular price€9,90
Yoni S-shaped wand | Obsidian
Sale price€19,00
Yoni wand | Green Jade
Sale price€19,00
Yoni wand | Obsidian
Sale price€17,00
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Yoni nūjiņa | Rozā kvarcsYoni nūjiņa | Rozā kvarcs
Yoni wand | Pink quartz
Sale price€29,00
Yoni egg | Green Jade
Sale price€25,00
Yoni egg kit | Pink quartz
Sale price€56,00
Yoni egg kit | Obsidian
Sale price€55,00
Yoni egg kit | Green Jade
Sale price€52,00
Opalite bracelet of natural shape
Sale price€12,00
Natural shape Unakite bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Natural shape Amethyst stone bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Natural shaped Sodalite stone bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Natural Shape Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Natural shape Howlite bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Natural shape Obsidian stone bracelet
Sale price€12,00
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Dabīgas formas Tīģeracs akmeņu rokassprādzeDabīgas formas Tīģeracs akmeņu rokassprādze
Natural Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet
Sale price€8,00 Regular price€12,00
Natural shape garnet stone bracelet
Sale price€12,00
Labradorite necklace
Sale price€27,00
Black tourmaline necklace
Sale price€27,00
Green jade necklace
Sale price€27,00
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Tīģeracs kaklarotaTīģeracs kaklarota
Tiger eye necklace
Sale price€18,00 Regular price€27,00
Rock crystal necklace
Sale price€27,00
Hematite crystal necklace
Sale price€27,00