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The company "Crystal Power" was born out of a vision to heal with some of the most precious natural elements on our planet.

For centuries, Earth's inhabitants have used crystals and color therapy for their healing properties. Just as each stone has its own therapeutic function, each color has its own wavelength and frequency of energy, stimulating different parts of the brain.

It is the passion to share the knowledge and beauty of this therapeutic practice that led the women of one family to create the website kristaluspeks.lv.

Kristalu Spēks is a small women-run company located right here in Latvia, but our cooperation partners are carefully selected and verified owners of crystal mines from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Therefore, the delivery time can be a couple of days or three weeks if the crystal is not in place, but we believe that these two gifts are worth the wait!

Our goal is to provide a trusted online source for high quality, healing crystals. We believe in crystals as a daily power to practice mind, body and spirit balance, so each crystal is hand-selected and energetically cleansed with care to ensure their highest quality and readiness.

Whether you use our crystals to heal, protect, or inspire, we hope they can serve as a tangible reminder of your intentions for wellness and abundance!

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