Kā enerģētiski attīrīt kristālus?

How to energetically cleanse crystals?

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The crystal must be cleansed of negative vibrations that it has absorbed before reaching you!

Not all methods will work for all crystals. It must be remembered that these are natural minerals and chemical reactions can damage them. Therefore, before taking any action, look for information on what exactly can be done with the crystal in your possession.

A very simple method at home:

1. Placing the crystal on the selenite. 

2. Placing the crystal in the moonlight! Especially effective during the full moon!

If your crystals are not sensitive to light or water, you can soak the crystal in a bowl of sea salt and water and then place it in bright sunlight. The sun will further activate the purifying water itself, and as the stone cleanses, the sunlight will begin to charge the stone.

Here are a few more simple methods:


Best suited for those born under the water sign. Find a spring, stream or waterfall and keep the crystals in running water, if this is not possible, use a glass container filled with spring water. If you want, you can take your crystals to the sea and cleanse them with salty sea water.

You remember, that salt can damage the crystal, so wash the crystal in clean water afterwards.


Especially effective for those born under an earth sign. Place the crystals in the ground and leave for 1 day. If there is no such possibility, put it in a flower pot and sprinkle the soil on top. Once the crystals are removed from the ground, they should be thoroughly washed in clean spring water.


Very suitable for those born under the fire sign. Place candles around the crystals, light them and let them burn out completely.

You can also keep the crystals in the candle flame, but try not to damage them!


Effective for those born under an air sign. Light the incense stick, blow out the flame and hold the crystal in the smoke until the stick has smoked. Smoke is very good at getting rid of negative vibrations.

We recommend using our LIGNUM VITAE chopsticks. 


Useful for everyone. A few flowers or petals are placed in a clean glass container. Then place the crystals deep into the flowers so they are covered and leave overnight. Try to find flowers that best match the color of the crystal. For example, red rose petals are most suitable for red quartz.

Remember! The crystal must be cleaned after each use, do not allow it to be touched by others and, if necessary, clean it more often! 


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