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Moonstone - a charming and mysterious representative of the moon's energy, which attracts and lovingly draws a person to the wonderful world.

Star sign: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer

1. root Muladhara, 2nd sacrum, sacral, 3rd solar plexus Manipuru, 4th heart (Heart) Anahata, 6. third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu, 7. crown (Crown) Sahasrara

 Energy: Healing, Happiness, Love, Projective Yang (distributes energy, activates), Ability, Enterprising Yin (receives energy)


WHY? This mystical stone is deeply connected to the energy of the moon and its magical influence. Moonstone helps us feel calm and cozy, connecting us with the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon. Its enchanting aura and energy promotes emotional harmony, intuition and allows us to tap into the artistic influences of lunar love.

HOW TO? Meditating with Moonstone gives us an extraordinary opportunity to receive and experience the love, support and artistry of the moon's energy. Its mystical vibrations and energy will open our soul to the magic of the moon, emotional balance and indescribable intuition.

WHERE? Place the Moonstone near your heart to enhance emotional openness, love and feel the magical magic of the moon. It can be used in meditations, rituals or simply in everyday life to attract and retain the energy of this stone moon.

Moonstone - the mystical stone of love and intuition, which attracts and charmingly affects people's hearts with the magic and peace of the moon.

If you receive a Moonstone as a gift, it will bring you the mysterious magic and peace of the moon, becoming a sweet and peaceful companion in your life.

Moonstone helps:

  • for people who seek coziness and emotional harmony, connecting them with the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon, which charge their souls with the magic of the moon.
  • for people who want to develop their intuition and emotional openness, allowing themselves to feel the love and magic of the moon's energy.
  • for those who need emotional stability and the love influence of the moon to live according to the rhythms of the moon and discover its secrets.
  • for people who want to discover their artistic and creative potential, connecting it with the mystical energy and magic of the moon. Moonstone is like a key to the inner door of the world of dreams and wonders that await discovery. It will inspire you to dream and jump among the stars, receiving lunar and cosmic energy.

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