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Sun stone

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Sunstone - a source of energy and optimism that brings strength and joy to our lives.
Zodiac: Pisces, Libra, Leo, Gemini, Aries

1. root Muladhara, 2. sacral, sacral, 3. solar plexus Manipuru

Energy: Protection, Healing, Love

WHY? Sunstone is like a source of joy and optimism. Its gentle and warm energy inspires us and gives us the strength to overcome life's challenges. Sunstone is known as the "joy of life stone" because it promotes a positive attitude towards life and frees us from negative energy. It is like the heart of the sun, which surrounds us with love and joy.

HOW? By meditating with the Sunstone, we receive a charge of energy and creativity that promotes our joy in life and creativity. It encourages us to express ourselves as artists, musicians or creative people. Sunstone supports our emotional harmony and helps us express ourselves creatively and fully.

WHERE? Place the Sunstone near the belly to strengthen the joy of life and creativity. It will help you get rid of blocking emotions and fill your heart with positive vibrations. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to charge yourself with positive energy and strength.

Sunstone - a powerful energy charge of the sun's rays, which promotes an optimistic and energetic lifestyle.

If you receive a Sunstone as a gift, it will bring strength and joy to your life.

Sunstone helps:

  • for people looking for strength and optimism to overcome life's challenges and enjoy life.
  • for people with a creative nature, to improve their creativity and encourage them to express themselves as artists or musicians.
  • for those who want to charge themselves with positive energy and joy of life, creating harmony in their emotional world.
  • for people looking for support and encouragement to fill their lives with positive emotions and joy. Sunstone is like the bright love of the sun, which warms our hearts and gives us strength and energy. It is like an energy charge that makes us strong and happy.

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