Aventurine is a crystal of opportunity, wealth and calming energy. It increases confidence, heals the heart chakra and emotional balance.


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Crystal Pendulums DIFFERENT TYPES
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Intentional candle "WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE"Intentional candle "WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE"
Intentional candle "WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE"
Sale price€18,00
Pocket size green AVENTURINA pebble
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Pocket size blue AVENTURINE pebble
Sale price€2,00
Pocket-sized peach AVENTURINE pebble
Sale price€1,50
Pocket size Mexican leopard jasper
Sale price€5,00
Meditation set "ENERGY RESERVES" | ON SALE
Sale price€79,00
Pocket size silver AVENTURINE pebble
Sale price€1,50
Pocket-sized white AVENTURINE pebble
Sale price€1,50
Decor "Tree of Life"
Sale price€52,00
Aventurine Peace Stone
Sale price€11,00
Rune stone set - "YELLOW AVENTURINE"
Sale price€35,00