Labradorite is a stunning mineral with iridescent colors that enhance intuition, imagination and creativity. It promotes spiritual growth and protection.


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Glass bottle with Crystals for charging water
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Pīta Labradorīta rokassprādze "PŪĶA SIRDS"Pīta Labradorīta rokassprādze "PŪĶA SIRDS"
Braided Labradorite bracelet "DRAGON HEART"
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Labradorīta tornis
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Labradorīta kaklarota "AIZSARDZĪBA"Labradorīta kaklarota "AIZSARDZĪBA"
Labradorite necklace "PROTECTION"
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Labradorīta rokassprādze ar pērli "STABILITĀTE"Labradorīta rokassprādze ar pērli "STABILITĀTE"
Labradorite bracelet with pearl "STABILITY"
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Labradorīta kaklarotaLabradorīta kaklarota
Labradorite necklace
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