Tiger eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal offers powerful protection and grounding energy with its mesmerizing chatter. It improves focus, intuition and decision-making.


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Pocket size TIGER EYE crystal
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Tiger's eye shards "STRENGTH AND PROTECTION"
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7 Chakra Stone of Peace
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Dabīgas formas Tīģeracs akmeņu rokassprādzeDabīgas formas Tīģeracs akmeņu rokassprādze
Natural Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet
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Tīģeracs rokassprādzeTīģeracs rokassprādze
Tiger eye bracelet
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Tīģeracs un lavas akmens rokassprādzeTīģeracs un lavas akmens rokassprādze
Tiger eye and lava stone bracelet
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Book of Shadows in leather covers | Tiger eye
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Tīģeracs kaklarotaTīģeracs kaklarota
Tiger eye necklace
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