Orgonite - pyramid "INFINITE KNOWLEDGE"
Orgonite - pyramid "INFINITE KNOWLEDGE"
Orgonite - pyramid "INFINITE KNOWLEDGE"

Orgonite - pyramid "INFINITE KNOWLEDGE"

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Orgonite - pyramid "INFINITE KNOWLEDGE"

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Orgonite pyramid with energy grid for peace and protection!

Promotes honest, clear communication from the heart, inner peace, brings abundance, protection against pollution, self-realization, friendship and romantic love, throat chakra and balances all chakras.


Our pyramids are made with the highest intention of amplifying and restoring the harmonious balance of Mother Earth. These pyramids are powerful tools that work in alliance with the crystal realm and the superior and unified force of light frequency.

Each crystal/mineral is energetically specific and can be chosen according to need, turquoise is used in this pyramid. All crystals included have given permission to participate and assist in this process.

How does it work? As the epoxy cures, it locks the crystal into an amplified state with a continuous, never-ending output of light frequencies. The metals used reduce negative frequencies - together these two aspects (metal + crystals) manifest as a generator of positive energy!

The pyramid shape itself creates and increases a specific energy pattern. The base of the pyramid anchors in the energy of the earth, tightens, concentrates and merges with the crystals. These combined and unique frequencies radiate through the top point in a clockwise direction. A strong field also emanates from the sides of the pyramid in 4 directions.

By the way, placing one edge of the pyramid along the magnetic north increases the energy.

What is orgonite?

Orgonite is a man-made object. It has quartz crystal core and it is supplemented with, for example, a spiral of copper wire and shavings of various metals. All the components of orgonite together contain and its function is provided by epoxy resin. 

Orgone energy is considered a creative force of nature, which is neither a form of electromagnetism nor matter, but is the founder of both of the above. Wilhelm Reich's research provides a clear insight into the transformation of orgone energy.

Components of the pyramid


Gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Color of wealth and high status. It is associated with wealth, luxury, quality, reputation, sophistication, elegance. Gold is associated with masculine energy and the power of the Sun.


Turquoise symbolizes friendship. Bring peace to the house. The wearer of turquoise must take care of the stone, it contains basic truths. Helps in matters of the heart.

Archangel Sandalphon - the stone of purification, the healer's stone, connects heaven (heaven) with earth. Promotes honest, clear communication from the heart, inner peace, brings abundance, protection against pollution, self-realization, friendship and romantic love, throat chakra and balances all chakras.


Amethyst is very popular and widely used in stone lithotherapy. Lithotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses the properties and energy of various stones and crystals to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful stones for spiritual development and emotional balance. These stone properties associated with lithotherapy include the following benefits and effects:

Calming properties: Amethyst is famous for its calming properties, which can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. It is often used in meditation and relaxation techniques.

Support for mental development: Amethyst is associated with mental development, learning and a higher level of consciousness. Some people use it to open the way to deeper understanding and inner wisdom.



Symbol of life and growth: The tree is associated with life, growth and birth. It can be seen as the eternal cycle of nature, where the branches and leaves represent the continuity and changeability of life.

Sacred Center: Trees, especially large and ancient ones, are often considered sacred centers and associated with the spiritual world. In some religions, trees play a role in rituals and sacred places.

Symbol of strength and stability: A stable and noble tree can symbolize strength, resilience and endurance. It is sometimes used to represent a person's resilience in the face of life's hardships.

Source of sacred life and knowledge: Trees have deep roots and grow upward, toward the sky. This structure can be used as a symbol for the search for knowledge, deep understanding and spiritual growth.


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