Eikalipta un salvijas kvēpeklis
Eikalipta un salvijas kvēpeklis
Eikalipta un salvijas kvēpeklis

Eucalyptus and sage sulfur

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Eucalyptus and sage sulfur

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100% drošs un šifrēts apmaksas veids

Eucalyptus and sage incense wrapped in 100% cotton twine for safe burning. White Sage provides protection and purification, while Eucalyptus provides fresh energy, heals regrets and worries, and relieves mental exhaustion.

Length: 10cm

Diameter: 3cm

Weight: 25g

Country of origin: United States 🇺🇸

How did fumigation come about?

Incense ritual comes from Native Americans - Indians. They burn medicine to make contact with the spirit world. They do this, among other things, to dispel evil energies and to invoke good energies. This is how they cleansed living spaces and even people from bad energies. Ritual incense has also reached Europe, although spirits are not usually invoked with it. Incense is used mainly to banish unwanted odors and negativity. You can also smoke before or during meditation.

Properties of white sage White sage is the most well-known herb used for incense. This is because it has many positive effects. For example, it cleans the air in the house, removes negative energies. It also helps to relax and improves sleep. Removes stress and improves mood. Its spiritual effect is to attract a good mood and create positive energy.


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