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Amethyst is a special and powerful stone that serves as an aid to deep meditations and spiritual practices. It provides an opportunity to connect with cosmic energies and open the way for spirit guides. Amethyst is like a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, giving us the opportunity to feel the presence of guardian angels and experience the high energy that flows around us.
Zodiac: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius

6th Third Eye (Third Eye) Ajnu, 7th Crown (Crown) Sahasrara.

Defense, Healing, Ability, Enterprising Yin (absorbs energy)

Amethyst radiates diverse energy. It provides protection from negative influences, promotes healing and peace, and supports the flow of feminine and gentle energy. It also promotes a welcoming energy that helps you accept changes and challenges with an open heart. Amethyst complements the energy of ability and love, which ensures a favorable attitude towards oneself and others.

WHY? Due to the strong energy of amethyst, it is an excellent aid in spiritual practices and meditations. It helps to connect with spirit guides and feel the presence of guardian angels. In addition, it serves as an effective protective agent that protects against negative influences and provides courage and a sense of security.

HOW? Amethyst provides mental clarity and helps release intellectual and emotional limitations. It creates a sense of calm and peaceful energy that helps restore and support mental balance. During meditation, amethyst can be held in the hands or placed on the third eye or crown chakra to deepen the meditative experience and feel energetic communication with the highest truth.

WHERE? Amethyst is a versatile stone that can be used in many ways and places. It can be worn as an amulet or bracelet to amplify its energy and experience its beneficial effects wherever we go. In addition, it can be placed in the home, office or other spaces to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. Amethyst is also a great stone for meditation spaces or on the altar, as it promotes a meditative and peaceful atmosphere.

Amethyst is a special and powerful stone that gives us the opportunity to feel the presence of cosmic energy and spiritual companions. It serves as a protector, healer and peacemaker. Amethyst replenishes our energy, promotes acceptance and love, and facilitates meditation and spiritual practices. Using amethyst, we can develop a deep spiritual connection and feel in harmony with the world around us.

If you receive an amethyst as a gift, it will be a special and valuable gift. Amethyst will serve as a powerful protective agent, bring peace and prosperity, making this gift especially meaningful. It is a symbol of connection with spirit guides and an opening to a deeper spiritual experience. Amethyst also symbolizes love, understanding and acceptance, revealing the giver's care and love for you. It is a precious stone that will help protect your energy and find peace in difficult situations.

Amethyst helps:

Amethyst is an excellent stone for various professions. It can be used to support and enhance abilities and qualities at various professional levels.

  • Creative professionals such as artists and musicians will benefit from amethyst's energy to help discover and develop new ideas and expressions of talent.

  • Scientists, teachers and academics can use amethyst to promote intellectual clarity and deepen understanding of complex issues.

  • Healthcare professionals, including therapists and massage therapists, can use amethyst to create a calm and healing environment in their practices, promoting patient well-being and recovery.

  • The role of a leader in demanding jobs can be emotionally draining. Amethyst will help leaders maintain calm and emotional balance, as well as promote empathy and understanding among their team members.

  • People working in sales and communication can use amethyst to strengthen their communication skills and develop the art of being empathetic and understanding.

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