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Tourmaline - a powerful meditation stone that brings clarity and protective energy.
Zodiac: All             

Dependence of all chakras on color

Energy: Violence, Melancholy, Peace, Happiness, Kindness, Harmony, Stabilizes Emotions, Courage, Grief

WHY? Tourmaline is like a safe harbor from the hustle and bustle, providing protection and helping us get clarity in our thoughts and emotions. Its energy promotes strength and emotional security, allowing us to calmly face life's challenges and find our way to stability.

HOW? When meditating with Tourmaline, we can easily receive protective energy and clarity. It helps us get rid of negative influences and prevent negative energy impulses. Tourmaline is like a safe family of sails that protects us from negative influences and helps maintain clarity and strength in our lives.

WHERE? Place Tourmaline at the Sacral Chakra (root) to strengthen your emotional security and bring stability to your life. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to receive protection and clarity. Tourmaline is like a strong cloak that provides peace and protects us from negative influences.

Tourmaline - a valuable talisman that protects us from negative influences and provides peace and emotional security.

If you receive Tourmaline as a gift, it will bring protection and peace into your life, acting as a reliable protector and emotional supporter.

Tourmaline helps:

  • for people looking for strength and protection to overcome life's challenges and achieve emotional peace.
  • for people who want to develop clarity and emotional security in order to calmly and confidently manage their lives and relationships with others.
  • for those who meditate and seek to receive protective energy and clarity in their meditations and rituals.
  • for people who want to strengthen their emotional security and maintain clarity in their lives to face everyday challenges and difficult situations. Tourmaline is like a safe shore stone that protects us from stressful situations and helps maintain peace and emotional balance.

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