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Jade - an ancient and valuable meditation stone that protects and gives us the power to harmonize with nature and ourselves.
Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries

3. solar plexus Manipuru, 4th heart (Heart) Anahata, 7th crown (Crown) Sahasrara

Energy: Projective Jan (releases energy, activates)

WHY? Jade is like a natural guardian that surrounds us with harmony and stability. This stone helps us to harmonize with our environment and ourselves, providing security and peace. Its energy will give us the opportunity to get rid of negative influences and help strengthen our connection with nature.

HOW? By using Jade for meditation, we will receive security and support to harmonize with nature and discover harmony within ourselves. Its energy promotes love, balance and life energy, giving us peace and strength.

WHERE? Place Jade near your heart to strengthen love and harmony in your life. It can be used in meditations and rituals to regain strength and peace. Jade is like an artificial silence that combats negative influences and aligns us with our inner being and nature.

Jade - a natural stone that provides security, peace and harmony in our lives.

If you receive Jade as a gift, it will give us insurmountable strength and peace, becoming a reliable and loving protector on our daily path.

Jade helps:

  • for those who seek harmony with nature and themselves, strengthening the connection with nature and getting rid of negative influences.
  • for people who want to regain strength and stability by reducing stress and returning to their inner being.
  • for people who want to strengthen love and harmony in their lives, promoting balance and emotional well-being.
  • for meditators who seek peace and support to harmonize with nature and discover the truth and power within themselves.

Jade is like an expensive amulet that guides us on the way to harmony, love and a fulfilling life. Its energy will give us security and peace, helping us to harmonize with ourselves and the environment around us. This stone is like a strong guard that gives us insurmountable strength and protects us from negative influences. With Jade at our heart, we will discover harmony, love and peace in our lives. It is like a beautiful song that harmonizes our heart and soul, creates peace and stability, helping us achieve a full and balanced life.

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