Kas ir selenīts?


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Selenite-a wonderful stone for meditation and spiritual practice, it helps connect with cosmic energies of different levels - angels, our spiritual guides. By holding selenite in our hand and meditating with it, we can easily connect with our higher self. It fills our aura with Light. After meditation, it is recommended to consciously ground your energy.

Star sign: Cancer, Taurus

 6. Third Eye (Third Eye) Ajnu, 7. Crown (Crown) Sahasrara, Supreme Crown (activates all)

Protective, Healing, Gentle, Feminine, Welcoming Energy Yin, Love, Power


Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that does not absorb negative energy. Use it as a means to cleanse a space or charge other crystals.

WHY? To feel the presence of guardian angels and spirit guides. To feel protected in the material plane. Selenite is known for its connection with spirit beings and can be used to invoke protection and courage.

HOW TO? Selenite gives its owner mental clarity, allowing the release of intellectual and psychic limitations. It creates a sense of peace and a peaceful space for you to achieve prosperity and protection.

WHERE? You can also use selenite at home or in rooms where you perform rituals, it radiates the healing presence of light.

Selenite is a type of mineral - gypsum. Selenite is crystalline, transparent, very pure gypsum. Unfortunately, this beautiful type of mineral is very soft - the clear, transparent facets are easy to scratch even with a fingernail. Very thin gypsum crystals are flexible - they can be bent a little, but they break easily.

Selenite - Moonstone, whose abilities increase during the New Moon, also intensifying the color of the stone. Unwrapped selenite, placed in the moonlight, it purifies itself over time and absorbs the radiation of the moonlight. Placed on a desk in artificial light or on a windowsill in natural light, it will give off its energy and radiation much more strongly. On the other hand, placed under the pillow, a piece of selenite will give enlightenment, help you understand the desires of your soul and realize the information hidden in the subconscious. 

If you receive selenite as a gift, it will last for a long time, increase prosperity and bring good luck.

Selenite helps:
  • for orators, a good gift for announcers, teachers and party workers. Strengthens the characteristics of the owner's moon - emotionality, the desire for cosiness, the desire to travel. Gives dreaminess, softness, activates memories.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps to develop intelligence and strengthens willpower, helps to concentrate.
  • avoid anxiety and restlessness. For those who find themselves in difficult situations, selenite will help them clearly understand the situation and find a way out. It will help reconcile disputants, forgetting offenses and grievances faster.

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