Tiger eye

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Tiger's eye - a brave and protective meditation stone that inspires and gives energy to overcome challenges.
Zodiac: Pisces, Capricorn[3][5], Libra, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, Taurus

2. sacrum, sacral, 3. solar plexus Manipuru, 6. third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu

Energy: Defensive, Healing, Lucky, Projective Jan (releases energy, activates)

WHY? Tiger eye's ability to give us courage and protect us from negative influences makes it a valuable stone helper in our everyday life. Its energy inspires to accept challenges with self-confidence and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of our goals.

HOW? By meditating with Tiger Eye, we begin to feel and inspire the courage that lies within us. It helps you stay positive and motivated to achieve your goals. Its protective aura protects us from negative influences and gives us the energy to act with boldness and self-confidence.

WHERE? Place the Tiger Eye at the 3rd solar plexus to increase courage and self-confidence. It can also be used in meditations and rituals to promote motivation and success.

Tiger eye - a meditation stone that gives courage and strength to challenge life's situations with confidence and energy.

If you receive a Tiger Eye as a gift, it will be like a powerful talisman that will inspire you and give you the courage to achieve high goals and overcome everyday challenges.

Eye of the Tiger helps:

  • for people who want to achieve high goals and make changes in their lives, giving courage and daring.
  • for people who struggle with self-confidence and want to get rid of negative influences that hinder personal growth.
  • for those looking for motivation and inspiration to start new projects and overcome challenges with energy and determination.
  • for people who want to protect themselves from negative influences and develop a positive attitude and self-confidence. Tiger's eye is like a stone of courage and protection, which inspires and energizes our daily life to achieve high goals and accept challenges with boldness and self-confidence.

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