Dāvanu idejas sievietēm

Gift ideas for women

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We know that giving gifts is as important to women as receiving them. Every woman is unique, so finding a gift that will be remembered can seem very challenging!

The easiest way to choose a gift is if the woman has given a hint about what she needs, but if there are no hints, you have to think of the gift yourself. We can guarantee that one of our crystals will definitely make a woman shine and feel emotionally uplifted not only at the moment of receiving the gift...

A gift for a woman in a relationship

Rose quartz is a special stone for women in a relationship. It promotes love and positivity. Strengthens relationships by promoting forgiveness and emotional healing.

Rose quartz is preferably placed in the bedroom - it strengthens the bonds of spouses.

Rose Quartz Tower

Rozā kvarca tornis

Intention candle "LOVE CONCENTRATION"


Rose quartz with amethyst bracelet

Rozā kvarcs ar ametistu rokassprādze

A gift for a woman who is very busy and works a lot

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective crystal and is the first choice of many metaphysicians. In ancient times, people believed that amethyst helped in recovery from both physical addictions and addictive relationships, and became known as the “Stone of Wisdom”. A natural stress reliever and will effectively promote inner strength.

Amethyst shard "UNDERSTANDING"

Ametista lauska ''SAPRĀTAM''

GIFT SET of 3 intention candles

3 nodoma sveču DĀVANU KOMPLEKTS

Amethyst Druze "DEFENSE AND PEACE"


A gift for women whose creativity flows like an unstoppable stream

Crystals "7 Chakras" are a gift that can help a creative woman achieve real energy and emotional balance. Each crystal represents the energy of a different chakra, promoting harmony of body and mind. It strengthens creativity and provides inspiration, helping her to develop her potential and work with inexhaustible energy. This gift will not only be stylish, but also very useful in the creative journey.

Intention candle "CRYSTAL POWER"

Nodoma svece "KRISTĀLU SPĒKS"

Crystal pendulum "CHAKRAS"
Kristālu svārsts ''ČAKRAS''Bracelet "7 CHAKRAS"

Rokassprādze "7 ČAKRAS"

A gift for a travel enthusiast

Tiger eye is a great stone for a woman who enjoys traveling. This stone offers courage, strength and protection, essential when traveling the world. Tiger's eye brings a boost of energy and self-confidence, allowing her to enjoy new experiences and overcome crucial moments in her life. It's like a trusted travel companion who is always there, providing security and inspiration as you travel.

Crystal set ''MERKABA POWER''< /div>
Hematite Magnetic Field Bracelet two>

A gift for a sporty woman

Crystals are a gift that will give energy, strength and emotional balance to a sporty woman. These unique natural formations will not only enhance her desire to reach new heights, but also promote successful performance in training and possibly in competition, providing the support she needs at every stage of her active life!

Glass bottle with crystals for charging water
Stikla pudele ar Kristāliem ūdens uzlādēšanai
Kalnu kristāla drūzu kopa | Unikāli eksemplāri
Opalīta rokassprādze

A gift for a woman who works in an office

Crystals make a great gift for a woman who works in an office. These natural treasures bring positive energy and peace, which will help create a harmonious and peaceful work environment. Reduces stress levels, improves concentration and promotes creativity. Crystals not only improve emotional well-being, but also serve as an elegant and personal decoration in the office. For a gift that combines beauty and functionality, crystals are the perfect choice for the woman who strives to achieve her work goals and wants to be successful.

"LOVE AND MONEY" intention candle

Nodoma svece ''MĪLESTĪBA UN NAUDA''

Rainbow fluorite shard
Varavīksnes fluorīta lauska


Whether she uses your gift to heal, protect, or inspire, we trust it will serve as a tangible reminder of your intentions to feel well, abundant, and energized to live today with a genuine smile! ❤️

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