Ko latvietim nozīmē vasaras saulgrieži?

What does the summer solstice mean to a Latvian?

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Traditions and culture that balance and heal

Getting rid of negative energy and balancing it is essential in Latvian solstice culture and traditions. Latvians have different ways to achieve this, using nature, rituals and spiritual practices. Nature walks and bathing in water allow you to encounter life and beauty, freeing yourself from stress and negative emotions. Rituals of the sun and light, meditation, prayer and the use of flowers help to focus, clear the mind and attract positive energy. It is important for each person to use the methods that suit him and follow his intuition in order to achieve liberation and inner balance. Latvian traditions are rich in their own knowledge, which will help to get rid of negative energy and restore spiritual harmony.

Nature walks:Nature walks are a popular method to help get rid of negative energy and restore balance. Walking in nature, especially in the forest or by the water, people can encounter life and beauty, which helps to calm down, relax and get rid of stress and negative emotions. Set of 7 crystals "CHAKRAS" - A set of 7 raw crystals for meditation and chakra therapy, perfect for those who want to try the effects of several crystals at once! 

Swimming in rivers or the sea: There are many rivers, lakes and sea coasts in Latvia, which allow people to swim and get rid of negative energy. Bathing in the water is considered a cleansing and rejuvenating experience that helps release tension and restore energy. If, however, there are no rivers or lakes nearby and you want to get positive energy, then we recommend buying water crystal bottle, which helps to recharge water and gives strength to your daily activities both at work and at home. 

Rituals of the Sun and Light: Latvians are closely related to solar energy and light. By performing rituals related to the sun and light, such as sun prayers, burning solar candles, or simply enjoying the sun's rays, people can attract positive energy and get rid of negative influences. Sunstone bracelet "SULES SPEKS" awakens cosmic consciousness and helps the development of the light body. Sunstone strengthens its owner's self-discipline, humility and striving for a better result of work.

Meditation and prayer: Meditation and prayer are popular ways to get rid of negative energy and restore inner peace and harmony. During meditation, people can focus on their breathing, clear their minds of stress and negative thoughts, and focus on positive thinking and prayer. Meditation set "ENERGY CLEANSING"Perfectly suitable for both the long and dark winter evenings, as well as the brightness and freshness of summer! Meditation is calming and always pleasant.
Create ornaments from crystals, feel their healing power and disconnect from reality. May peace and love enter your life! 

Use of flowers and plants: Some people use flowers and plants to get rid of negative energy. For example, by burning fragrant plants or using them in baths, people try to purify the energy field around and within themselves. Sulfur of white sage is a blend of white sage. Promotes love and beauty while thoroughly cleansing and restoring places, people and things. Effectively fights against negativity, removes curses and anger. 

It is important to note that each person may have personally chosen methods that help to get rid of negative energy. The important thing is to follow your intuition and use what works best for you individually. 

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