12 Sojas rituālu sveces DZELTENAS 💛
12 Sojas rituālu sveces DZELTENAS 💛

12 Soy ritual candles YELLOW 💛

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Soy wax candles for rituals and everyday life! 

Yellow candles can symbolize different things and can be used in different rituals:

  1. Solar energy: Yellow candles are often associated with the sun and solar energy. They can symbolize brightness, life and warmth and can be used in rituals to attract solar energy.

  2. Practicality and wisdom: Yellow can symbolize prudence, wisdom and knowledge. Yellow candles can be used to promote education, knowledge and mental abilities.

  3. Communication and communication: Yellow can be associated with communication and communication. They can be used to improve communication skills or to attract favorable communication and relationships.

  4. Openings and new beginnings: Yellow candles can be a part of rituals related to new beginnings, new opportunities and revelations.

  5. Religious Rituals: In some religious practices, yellow candles may be used as part of worship or blessing ceremonies.

As with other colors, the meaning and application of yellow candles can vary depending on the particular tradition or ritual. Therefore, before performing any rituals or using candles, it is recommended that you carefully study the specific practice and tradition to understand their meaning and proper application.


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