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Palo Santo sticks
Sale priceFrom €1,50
Set of 7 crystals "CHAKRAS"
Sale price€28,00
Falling smoke incense stand "ROKA"
Sale price€23,00
Rose quartz shard "LOVE"
Sale priceFrom €2,00
Incense cones with falling smoke effect | Lavender
Sale priceFrom €1,65
Sold out
Intention candle "CRYSTAL POWER" JasmineIntention candle "CRYSTAL POWER" Jasmine
Intention candle "CRYSTAL POWER" Jasmine
Sale price€18,00
Incense cones with falling smoke effect | Vanilla
Sale priceFrom €1,65
Crystal Pendulums DIFFERENT TYPES
Sale priceFrom €12,00
Rock crystal shard "POWER"
Sale priceFrom €2,00
Pocket size crystal AMETHYST
Sale price€1,50
"Satya" incense sticks | Spiritual healing
Sale price€2,50
Amethyst shard "UNDERSTANDING"
Sale priceFrom €3,00
Glass bottle with Crystals for charging water
Sale price€38,00
Incense cones | Orange & Cinnamon
Sale priceFrom €5,00
Incense cones with falling smoke effect | Opium
Sale priceFrom €1,65
Save 27%
Pīta rokassprādze 7 ČAKRASPīta rokassprādze 7 ČAKRAS
Braided bracelet "7 CHAKRAS"
Sale priceFrom €16,00 Regular price€22,00
Pocket size ROSE QUARTZ
Sale priceFrom €2,00
Pocket size TIGER EYE crystal
Sale priceFrom €2,00
Tiger's eye shards "STRENGTH AND PROTECTION"
Sale priceFrom €3,00
Gua Sha massage plate
Sale price€14,00
Sale price€18,00